Welcome to the Equilibrium

Here you have to use kindness and brute force to reach balance.

On the Blue side, you have nice fellows, and when you throw roses, they start to follow you. 

On the pink side, you have some not-friendly fellows. Throw rocks on it, stunned they then you can pick they, by just being close. And the throw to the other side. You can also jump in their heads to stun them.

When any of the fellows across the side, they became the other. So your goal is to make the same number of fellows on both sides.


  • Arrow Keys <-  ->: to move
  • Arrow Key Up to jump,  tap twice for a double jump!
  • Space: to actions
  • Esc: to pause the game

Quick Warning

There are some bugs, I couldn't fix due to the time limit. If you encounter some of them, please press Esc and restart the level!



Equilibrium_linux.zip 18 MB
Equilibrium_windows.zip 18 MB

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